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the story

Conceived out of a love for art, creativity, and good old-fashioned
hands-on work, Justified Designs is the culmination of years of
experience within the printing field. From digital printing to screen
printing, we are skilled in accommodating all of our customer's needs. 
Our expertise in design programs, such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe
Photoshop, allows us to turn your visions into a reality! 
Using a grass roots effort with an old school approach, Justified Designs
has grown by word of mouth and a strong social media presence, combining
technology with a strong community based work ethic.  

      The chapters of the story continue to be written and we look 
     forward to your business filling the pages of those chapters!

the goal

Our goal is simple; to meet our customer's needs by providing the highest
quality product! Justified Designs puts a strong emphasis on supporting
local business. Buying printed goods on the internet can be enticingly
convenient, yet most online companies subcontract their printing to
outside companies. With the printing being done out of state, this in turn
puts money into other state's economies. 
We strive to be more punctual, accommodating and easier to work with
than any online printing company. Ordering locally also eliminates
any confusion as to what your needs are because printing is done in house
and this ensures you are talking directly to the person putting your
brand on your product!
We like to support efforts in our local communities by donating and 
giving to great causes when we can. We also aim to give you an affordable
price with fast and quick turnaround. At the end of the day, we just want
a happy customer and we promise to put all our efforts into making that happen!

Rest Easy My Boy

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